The North Carolina Zoo Is The Closest One To Clemmons NC

The North Carolina Zoo Is The Closest One To Clemmons NC

The closest zoo listed for Clemmons is the North Carolina Zoo or Zoological Park in Asheboro. It is a great place to visit because it is the largest of it’s kind. It is a 2000 acre walk-through zoo, so you are going to get to see quite a lot. Are you ready to check out the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro NC?

Clemmons also features great places of interest to check out, and as you can tell, there are plenty of things to do nearby. The North Carolina Zoo is located at 4401 Zoo Parkway, and reviews say that you will want to bring some comfortable walking shoes for sure. It is a great place to visit no matter the season, so whenever you are taking a vacation, stop on by.

See polar bears and all kinds of animals in their natural habitat. There are feeding times, too, of course, and you can watch the animals being fed. It will be a lot of fun, and of course you can get some great pictures. People do report seeing new animals there from time to time, too.

Think about the last zoo that you visited. This zoo in Asheboro will be quite the adventure. It is again the largest if its kind, so you can count this attraction as a must visit. There are many beautiful places to visit in and around Clemmons NC, and this will put you about 45 minutes outside the Forsyth County village. Perhaps you can get to looking at more of what to do in around around Winston-Salem, too.

I bet you can’t wait to see what all animals you find at the North Carolina Zoological Park. If you have any questions about feeding times or anything, make sure you ask them ahead of time. You might also want to check on refreshments and see if you can bring a cooler. You are going to be outdoors, and there is quite a lot of walking to do.

It will be a pleasant experience and a nice day trip. You are going to see quite a few things happening as you make your way around the zoo. And when you head back to the Clemmons NC area, make sure you head on over to the zoo again to see what’s new. If you happen to be moving to the Clemmons area, now you know where to go when you want to visit the zoo.

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